WRC Standard Product Selector


WRC’s Evergreen™ product lifecycle support  maximizes the useful life of your WRC products by protecting you from those unexpected situations every OEM and End User experiences when using electronic automation products. From our standard 5 year product warranty to our lifetime telephone support commitment, WRC’s history of providing over 25+ years of continuous support on our products stands as a testament to our commitment to providing you with the greatest return on your automation electronics investment.

Our lifecycle product support program includes:

  • Five (5) year in-warranty RMA
  • Out-of-warranty RMA at special replacement pricing
  • Technical support (phone and email, Monday through Friday 8am – 6pm EST)
  • Major and minor software/firmware updates
  • Product repair program (if possible) for extended and sustaining support

Product Lifecycle Continuity

At WRC we know it’s critical for you to maximize the investments you’ve made in your automation system and we support that with a track record of long product lifecycles relative to our competition. WRC’s Evergreen lifecycle support protects your automation investment from unexpected discontinued product announcements and other disruptions in your ability to source and maintain your critical automation systems.

However, shortened semiconductor lifecycles and the rapid evolution of software technologies make it harder and harder to predict the long term availability of the automation products you need to build and maintain your systems.  WRC’s Evergreen Lifecycle Support helps you meet this challenge by clearly identifying a product’s current lifecycle stage making it easier for you to proactively plan and manage the transition to more modern technologies (if necessary.) Again, our promise to you is that we will help you preserve your investment for as long as possible and drive the absolute strongest ROI from your WRC products.

For the most up-to-date technical bulletins and lifecycle status on products you’re interested in, enter the WRC catalog number in the  Search box on any WRCakron.com web page and look for the WRC Evergreen product status tab.


Active: Most current offering within a product category.

Active Mature: Product is available, but a newer product or family exists.

End Of Sale: Discontinued sales announced – Customers should actively execute migrations and last time buys. Product generally available until the End of Life date.

End of Life/Discontinued: Product no longer available. Repair/exchange services may be available.