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W1492 Wiring & Signal Conditioning for Allen Bradley PLCs

W1492-OB-001 & W1492-OB-001-16 Interface Boards:

Expanding the output capabilities of the Rockwell PLC

  • Master/ Slave combination for 16 or 32 points
  • 24VDC sourcing input
  • Single point granularity
  • Any combination of WRC4 output modules
    • 3 amps per output point
    • Solid State 24VDC to 250VAC Outputs
    • Optional dry contact modules
    • Optional on/off/PLC manual switch
    • 4 kV isolation per point w/ fuse
  • Control power separately fused
  • Spare fuse and tester on board
  • Install system in minutes rather than hours.

Use W1492-OB-001-16 for 16 points   

  • Only 8.2″ Long X 5” Wide footprint each
  • DIN Mount
  • Can be mounted in any orientation

OR      Add a W1492-OB-001 for 32 points

  • Side entry input cable
  • Versatility in applications
  • Easy swap modules with one screw

Issues with a typical PLC hardwired system:

  • Extra Prep Costs: Labor for wire cutting, stripping, routing, labeling and termination
  • Extra Material Costs: 32 Lighted & Fused Terminal Blocks & 32 – 3 Amp relays
  • Extra Labor Cost: Modifications and Replacing components requires additional time
  • No optional test switch capabilities

WRC solution to save time and money:

W1492-OB-001 for 32 output points in 3 easy steps

Start with a PLC output card and a Rockwell IFM cable

  1. Plug-In – W1492-OB-001 for the 1st set of 16 modules
  2. Plug-In – W1492-OB-001-16 using 1781-CXHH20 cable for the 2nd set of modules
  3. Plug-In – Any combination of 24V Logic WRC4 Output modules

Only the W1492-OB-001 Series has all these features in one package!

Savings in Labor & Materials…

Rapid Troubleshooting…

Mix & Match Modules…

Isolate PLC Outputs…

Greater Flexibility…

Minutes to install…