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Serial Device Protocols – Still Alive And Well!

Contrary to repeated claims that serial protocols such as Modbus RTU and generic ASCII would cease to be used in industry, they are still alive and well. This is due to the sheer volume of serial devices already installed and the high cost of replacing them.

Today, as Ethernet-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems accelerate, there’s an increasing requirement to interface existing legacy equipment using serial interfaces (such as energy meters, data-loggers, bar code scanners, valves, mass flow controllers, etc.) with higher-level Operational Technology (OT ) and Information Technology (IT) business networks.

To ease the integration challenges imposed by these legacy serial devices, Western Reserve Controls created the W5-JEM1 Serial Device Gateway providing a cost-optimized, multi-protocol, solution for RS-232/485 device integration.

With a list price of just USD $327, the W5-JEM1 provides 40%-60% lower cost integration of RS-232/485 Modbus or generic ASCII serial devices into EtherNet/IP systems.

Major benefits of the W5-JEM1 include:

  • 40%-60% lower cost than competing products
  • Supports generic ASCII, Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU protocols
  • Built-in EtherNet/IP switch for easy, lower cost, daisy-chaining
  • Add on Instructions (AOI) and sample code for Rockwell Automation PLCs
  • 5-year Hardware Warranty
  • WRC Evergreen™ Life Cycle Support Program

Product Information

 Product Data Sheet

 Wiring & Installation Instructions

Software Quick Start Guide

 User Manual

 Sample Application Code (RSLogix 5000)

 Add On Instructions (RSLogix 5000)

  EDS File

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