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Choose the right mounting board for your WRC Discrete I/O Modules from the table below. Mounting options include the traditional panel mount swaged stand-off, as well as the convenient DIN-rail mounting board.

Links are to individual catalog pages in pdf format. These pages include specifications, schematics and dimensional drawings.

Choose the logic-side connection to meet your application from card-edge connector, 50-conductor header connector, or terminal screw for point-to-point wiring.

Part Number Mounting Modules Module Type Action
1781-5B01 5B 1 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B02 Panel 2 5B Add Quote
1781-5B08 5B 8 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B08-1 5B 8 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B08-A 5B 8 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B08S 5B 8 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B08T 5B 8 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B16 5B 16 Panel Add Quote
1781-5B16T 5B 16 Panel Add Quote
1781-7B04 Panel 4 7B Add Quote
1781-7B08 7B 8 Panel Add Quote
1781-7B16 7B 16 Panel Add Quote
1781-7BAS 7B 1 Panel Add Quote
1781-STB-TC Panel 0 None Add Quote
1782-5B01 5B 1 DIN Add Quote
1782-5B02 5B 2 DIN Add Quote
1782-7B04 7B 4 DIN Add Quote
1782-7B08 DIN 8 7B Add Quote