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The demand for the Internet of Things is steadily rising. There are more than 10 billion IoT devices already, with the new connections expected to increase by 20 times in the next three years, according to Datamation.

In agriculture, energy, health care, and other fields, the interconnectivity of the IoT has the potential to help businesses grow, according to Imaginovation. The technology can help improve business performance as well as product efficiency.

The increase in IoT adoption also equates to more employment. With the IoT job market expected to grow to nearly US $1.6 trillion by 2026, according to Datamation, it is crucial for working technical professionals to keep their skills up to date.

IEEE Academy on the IoT

Surveys of IEEE members regularly show “continuing professional education” as one of the primary reasons they join. To deliver on that need, the IEEE ad hoc committee on lifelong learning and continuing education initiated efforts to provide increased value for IEEE members, technical professionals, and engineers.

The committee developed the IEEE Academies, which are designed to teach in-demand, technical concepts to members. The learning-path format the program uses helps people understand technical concepts even if they do not have a deep background in a specific technology.

The first one to launch—the IEEE Academy on Internet of Things—uses existing content from across IEEE and combines it with new learning tools developed by industry experts. The learner is guided through a logical, continuous path that ties the concepts and materials together.

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