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Introducing IIoT Asset Connectors™

While other automation industry suppliers talk about their IIoT technologies and devices, we know it’s really all about managing each of your factory, process plant or building automation assets to achieve their optimal performance and return on invested capital. That’s why we’re looking at connecting your automation assets to the Internet of Things from a whole new perspective.


So what are IIoT Asset Connectors?

More than just the ubiquitous communications protocol translator or IIoT edge gateway devices offered by so many today, IIoT Asset Connectors are embedded software Bots that run automated connection management tasks over the Internet while simultaneously connecting an Automation Controller to physical machines, equipment or robots in real-time automation systems.

Consider, for example, an IIoT Asset Connector™ used in conjunction with a PLC performing real-time automation control on an automated punch press while asynchronously sending asset operational data to an on-premises or cloud-hosted data analytics software platform such as Thingworx from PTC.

It’s this simultaneous connection between a process or discrete manufacturing automation controller and an upper level IIoT software platform—through a common IIoT Asset Connector™ software or hardware instance—that greatly reduces an automation system’s installation cost while assuring data consistency between what the real-time controller “sees” and what a remote monitoring application (such as a Computerized Maintenance Management System) sees.

This real-time data synchronicity provided by IIoT Asset Connectors will become increasingly important as business analytics and operational software begins to have more control over assets used in Industry 4.0 manufacturing or building automation applications such as real-time demand response load shedding.

To learn more about how you can use IIoT Asset Connectors to improve efficiency, quality, and ROIC in your operations, download our Understanding IIoT Asset Connectors White Paper today.


Factory Automation

Acquire shop floor asset data from machines and workstations using the IT protocol of your choice. You define what data is acquired at what interval and how it is used to raise factory productivity

Process Automation

Configure high-performance data acquisition pipelines from your Oil & Gas or Water/Wastewater remote sites for connection to advanced business and process analytics applications.

Building Automation

Manage and control your buildings from a single point at scale. Monitor and visualize asset data in a Thingworx-based  analytics portal or stream it to your centralized facility management system.


Factory Automation OEMs

Create smart connected products for your customers while gaining efficiencies for your support and service team. With machines and equipment incorporating IIoT Asset Connector technology, you’ll be the best choice for End Users serious about Industry 4.0 manufacturing.

Process Automation OEMs

From semiconductor bulk gas skids to pharmaceutical sterilizers and holding tanks, IIoT Asset Connector technology can enable process skid control with simultaneous remote access capabilities adding more value to your OEM product offerings.

Building Automation OEMs

Whether you manufacturer packaged RTUs, dehumidification systems or supermarket refrigerated cases, critical building automation assets provide more value when connected to centralized Building Management Systems. Make your OEM equipment IIoT ready with IoT Asset Connector technology and products.

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