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WRC offers an extensive range of mounting boards for all versions of WRC discrete I/O modules as well as other vendors modules.

Discrete I/O Mounting Board

Discrete I/O Mounting Boards

Enter any portion of the WRC Part Number or the Industry Standard Model Number into the search box below to find that module’s technical information.

WRC Part NumberDescriptionIndustry Model Number*DatasheetBuy at GALCO.COM
1781-A16AMounting bd,16 chnls,card edge-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A16HDig mtg bd, 16slim, header, edge, jumper-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A16TMounting bd,logic terminals-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A24ADigital mtg board, 24 slim-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A24HMounting bd,dig, 24slim,header-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A24H2Mounting bd, digital, 2x12-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A24H2-CKConnector kit, plugs for A24H2-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A32H2Mounting bd,digital,2x16,hdr-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-A4RPB4R - Output Mounting Rack, 4channel , terminalsPB4RDatasheetBuy Now
1781-A4TPB4 - Mounting Rack, 4-channel, terminalsPB4RDatasheetBuy Now
1781-A6QHPB24HQ - Mounting Rack, 6 quad modules, header connPB24HQDatasheetBuy Now
1782-A16AMounting Bd, 16 pos, Edge, DIN-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A16HMounting Bd, 16 pos., HDR, DIN-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A16RMtg board,16 slim,iso outs,DIN-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A16TDIN Dig Mounting Bd,16 pt,term-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A24ADIN Mounting Board, 24 point,-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A24HMounting bd,DIN, 24slim,header-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A4RDIN Mounting bd, 4 std,isolated DI/DO-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-A4TDIN Mounting bd, 4 std DI/DO-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-IBASI/O base, DIN, single dig slim-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-IBAS2I/O base,DIN,dual,slim/std-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-IBAS4I/O base,DIN,quad,slim/std-DatasheetBuy Now
1782-JDC-2Converter,DNet-ASCII,RS485 iso-Datasheet
WRC4-A12T-S1Mounting Board, 12 pt. DIN, WR-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A16HPB16 - Mounting Rack, 16-channel, header logicPB16DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A16H-DINMounting bd,16 dig,hdr logic-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A16IPB16I - Mounting Rack, 16-channel, isolated outputPB16IDatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A16I-DINMounting bd,16 dig,iso out,DIN-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A16TPB16T - Mounting Rack, 16-channel, terminalPB16TDatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A16T-DINMtg bd,16 dig,DIN,term block c-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A24HPB24 - Mounting Rack, 24-channel, header, logicPB24DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A24H2Mounting bd,24 dig,hdr logic,s-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A24H2-NPMounting bd,24 dig,hdr logic,w/o wire plugs-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A32CMounting bd,32dig,hdr,term,Mit-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A32DMounting bd,32dig,Dsub,term,Mit-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A4IPB4R - Mounting Rack, 4-channel, isolated outputsPB4RDatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A4I-DINDin Mtg bd,4 dig,iso outputs,-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A4TPB4 - Mounting Rack, 4-channel, terminalPB4DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A4T-DINDin Mtg bd,4 DIO,terminal bloc-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A8HPB8 - Mounting Rack,8-channel,hdr logicPB8DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A8H-DINMounting bd,8 dig,hdr DIN Mtg-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A8H-S1Mounting bd,16 dig,hdr logic-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A8H-S1-CKConnector Kit, W4-A8H-S1, 3plugs-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-A8H-S1-KITMntg bd,8 DIO,hdr logic,w/plug-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBASI/O base,DIN,single,WRC4-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBAS2I/O base,DIN,dual,WRC4-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBAS4I/O base,DIN,quad,WRC4-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBAS8I/O base,DIN,8-pos,WRC4-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBAS16I/O base,DIN,16-pos,WRC4-DatasheetBuy Now