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WRC offers an extensive range of mounting boards for all versions of WRC discrete I/O modules as well as other vendors modules.

Discrete I/O Mounting Board

Discrete I/O Mounting Boards

WRC Part NumberDescriptionIndustry Model Number*Datasheet
1781-A16AMounting bd,16 chnls,card edge-Datasheet
1781-A16HDig mtg bd, 16slim, header, edge, jumper-Datasheet
1781-A16TMounting bd,logic terminals-Datasheet
1781-A24ADigital mtg board, 24 slim-Datasheet
1781-A24HMounting bd,dig, 24slim,header-Datasheet
1781-A24H2Mounting bd, digital, 2x12-Datasheet
1781-A24H2-CKConnector kit, plugs for A24H2-Datasheet
1781-A32H2Mounting bd,digital,2x16,hdr-Datasheet
1781-A4RPB4R - Output Mounting Rack, 4channel , terminalsPB4RDatasheet
1781-A4TPB4 - Mounting Rack, 4-channel, terminalsPB4RDatasheet
1781-A6QHPB24HQ - Mounting Rack, 6 quad modules, header connPB24HQDatasheet
1782-A16AMounting Bd, 16 pos, Edge, DIN-Datasheet
1782-A16HMounting Bd, 16 pos., HDR, DIN-Datasheet
1782-A16RMtg board,16 slim,iso outs,DIN-Datasheet
1782-A16TDIN Dig Mounting Bd,16 pt,term-Datasheet
1782-A24ADIN Mounting Board, 24 point,-Datasheet
1782-A24HMounting bd,DIN, 24slim,header-Datasheet
1782-A4RDIN Mounting bd, 4 std,isolated DI/DO-Datasheet
1782-A4TDIN Mounting bd, 4 std DI/DO-Datasheet
1782-IBASI/O base, DIN, single dig slim-Datasheet
1782-IBAS2I/O base,DIN,dual,slim/std-Datasheet
1782-IBAS4I/O base,DIN,quad,slim/std-Datasheet
1782-JDC-2Converter,DNet-ASCII,RS485 iso-Datasheet
WRC4-A12T-S1Mounting Board, 12 pt. DIN, WR-Datasheet
WRC4-A16HPB16 - Mounting Rack, 16-channel, header logicPB16Datasheet
WRC4-A16H-DINMounting bd,16 dig,hdr logic-Datasheet
WRC4-A16IPB16I - Mounting Rack, 16-channel, isolated outputPB16IDatasheet
WRC4-A16I-DINMounting bd,16 dig,iso out,DIN-Datasheet
WRC4-A16TPB16T - Mounting Rack, 16-channel, terminalPB16TDatasheet
WRC4-A16T-DINMtg bd,16 dig,DIN,term block c-Datasheet
WRC4-A24HPB24 - Mounting Rack, 24-channel, header, logicPB24Datasheet
WRC4-A24H2Mounting bd,24 dig,hdr logic,s-Datasheet
WRC4-A24H2-NPMounting bd,24 dig,hdr logic,w/o wire plugs-Datasheet
WRC4-A32CMounting bd,32dig,hdr,term,Mit-Datasheet
WRC4-A32DMounting bd,32dig,Dsub,term,Mit-Datasheet
WRC4-A4IPB4R - Mounting Rack, 4-channel, isolated outputsPB4RDatasheet
WRC4-A4I-DINDin Mtg bd,4 dig,iso outputs,-Datasheet
WRC4-A4TPB4 - Mounting Rack, 4-channel, terminalPB4Datasheet
WRC4-A4T-DINDin Mtg bd,4 DIO,terminal bloc-Datasheet
WRC4-A8HPB8 - Mounting Rack,8-channel,hdr logicPB8Datasheet
WRC4-A8H-DINMounting bd,8 dig,hdr DIN Mtg-Datasheet
WRC4-A8H-S1Mounting bd,16 dig,hdr logic-Datasheet
WRC4-A8H-S1-CKConnector Kit, W4-A8H-S1, 3plugs-Datasheet
WRC4-A8H-S1-KITMntg bd,8 DIO,hdr logic,w/plug-Datasheet
WRC4-IBASI/O base,DIN,single,WRC4-Datasheet
WRC4-IBAS2I/O base,DIN,dual,WRC4-Datasheet
WRC4-IBAS4I/O base,DIN,quad,WRC4-Datasheet
WRC4-IBAS8I/O base,DIN,8-pos,WRC4-Datasheet
WRC4-IBAS16I/O base,DIN,16-pos,WRC4-Datasheet