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WRC is focused on solving the toughest industrial I/O challenges. With over 25 years of field tested reliability, our WRC4 family of rugged I/O is used in data acquisition and control system applications in some of the world’s most challenging environmental conditions. Take the DATASHEET links to our pdf catalog pages.

2 WRC4 Modules

I/O Module Package Types

Red 1781 Quad I/O Module

1781 Quads

Red 1781 Slim I/O Module

1781 Slims

Yellow WRC4 I/O Module

WRC4 Modules

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WRC Part NumberDescriptionIndustry Model Number*DatasheetBuy at GALCO.COM
1781-IA5QIAC5Q - ac input, 4-channel, 90-140V, 5V logic, QuadIAC5QDatasheetBuy Now
1781-IA5QEQuad 24Vac/dc input, yellow ca-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IA5SIAC5 - ac input, 120V ac/dc, 5V logic, slim moduleIAC5DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IA5SEslim module 24v ac/dc in,yello-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IAXSIAC24 - ac input 120V ac/dc, 24V logic, slim moduleIAC24DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IAYSIAC15 - ac input, 120V, 15V logic, slim moduleIAC15DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IB5QIDC5Q - dc input, 4-channel, 3-32V, 5V logic, QuadIDC5QDatasheetBuy Now
1781-IB5SIDC5D(B) - dc input, 24V, 5V logic, slim moduleIDC5D(B)DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IBXSIDC24 - dc input, 24V, 24V logic, slim moduleIDC24DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IBYSIDC15 - dc input,24V,15V logic,slimIDC15DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IM5QIAC5AQ - ac input, 4-channel, 240V, 5V logic, QuadIAC5AQDatasheetBuy Now
1781-IM5SIAC5A - ac input, 240V, 5V logic, slim module IAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-IMXSIAC5A - ac input, 240V, 24V logic, slim moduleIAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-IMYSIAC15A - ac input, 240V, 15V logic, slim moduleIAC15ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-IN5QIDC5Q - ac input, 4-channel, 24V, 5V logic, QuadIDC5QDatasheetBuy Now
1781-IN5SIDC5(G) - ac input, 10-60V, 5V logic, slim moduleIDC5(G)DatasheetBuy Now
1781-INXSIDC24 - ac input, 10-60V, 24V logic, slim moduleIDC24DatasheetBuy Now
1781-INYSIDC15 - ac input, 10-60V, 15V logic, slim moduleIDC15DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IT5Qdc in,quad,3-32V,fast,bi-direc-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IT5Q-10dc in,quad,18-32V,fast,bi-directional,5V logic-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-IT5Sdc in,slim,3-60V,fast,5V logic-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-ITXSdc in,slim,3-60V,fast,24V logi-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-ITYSdc in,slim,3-60V,fast,15V logi-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OA5QOAC5Q - ac output, 4-channel, 120V, 5V logic, QuadOAC5QDatasheetBuy Now
1781-OA5SOAC5 - ac output, 120V, 5V logic, slim moduleOAC5DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OAXSOAC24 - ac output, 120V, 24V logic, slim moduleOAC24DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OAYSOAC15 - ac output, 120V, 15V logic, slim moduleOAC15DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OB5QODC5Q - dc output, 4-channel, 24V, 5V logic, QuadODC5QDatasheetBuy Now
1781-OB5Q11quad dc out, cmn. return,low l-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OB5SODC5 - dc output, 3-60V, 5V logic, slim moduleODC5DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OB5S11slim dc out low leakage-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OBXSODC24 - dc output, 3-60V, 24V logic, slim moduleODC24DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OBYSODC15 - dc output, 3-60V, 15V logic, slim moduleODC15DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OBYS11slim dc out low leakage,15Vcon-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OC5QODC5AQ - dc output, 4-channel, 100V, 5V logic, QuadODC5AQDatasheetBuy Now
1781-OC5SODC5A - dc output, 200V, 5V logic, slim moduleODC5ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OCXSODC24A - dc output, 200V, 24V logic, slim moduleODC24ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OCYSODC15A - dc output, 200V, 15V logic, slim moduleODC15ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OF5SFET module,slim,0-50V,5A-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OL5SOAC5A - ac output, 240V, 5V logic, 1mA leak, slim moduleOAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OM5QOAC5Q - ac output, 4-channel, 240V, 5V logic, QuadOAC5QDatasheetBuy Now
1781-OM5SOAC5A - ac output, 240V, 5V logic, slim moduleOAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OM5SCOAC5A5 - ac output, 240V, 5V logic, NC contact, slim moduleOAC5A5DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OM5SROAC5A11 - ac output, 240V, 5V logic, non-zero cross, slim moduleOAC5A11DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OMXSOAC24A - ac output, 240V, 24V logic, slim moduleOAC24ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OMXSCOutput module,220Vac,N/C,slim-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OMXSROutput module,220Vac,RAN,slim-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-OMYSOAC15A - ac output, 240V, 15V logic, slim moduleOAC15ADatasheetBuy Now
1781-OMYSCOutput module,220Vac,N/C,slim-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-RC5QRelay outputs, quad, n closed-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-RC5SRelay Output Module-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-RCXSRelay Output Module-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-RCYSRelay Output Module, N/C, 15V-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-RO5QODC5RQ - Relay output, 4-channel, 5V logic, NO contacts, QuadODC5RQDatasheetBuy Now
1781-RO5SODC5R - relay output, NO contact, 5V logic, slim moduleODC5RDatasheetBuy Now
1781-ROXSODC5R5 - relay output, NO contact, 24V logic, slim moduleODC5R5DatasheetBuy Now
1781-ROYSRelay Output Module - 15 Volt-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-SWIN5SSwitch Input Module-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-WC5S-XXXWatchdog Timer Module,N/Clsd-DatasheetBuy Now
1781-WO5S-XXXWatchdog Timer Module, N/Open-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IA5SIAC5 - ac input ,120V, 5V logic, w/LEDIAC5DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IAXSIAC24 - ac input, 120V, 24V logic, w/LEDIAC24DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IAYSIAC15 - ac input, 120V, 15V logic, w/LEDIAC15DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IB5SIDC5D(B) - dc input,24V, 5V logic, w/LEDIDC5D(B)DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBXSIDC24 - dc input, 24V, 24V logic, w/LEDIDC24DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IBYSIDC15 - dc input, 24V, 15V logic, w/LEDIDC15DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IM5SIAC5A - ac input, 220V, 5V logic, w/LEDIAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IMXSIAC24A - ac input, 220V, 24V logic, w/LEDIAC24ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IMYSIAC15A - ac input, 220V, 15V logic, w/LEDIAC15ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IN5SIDC5(G) - ac input, 24V, 5V logic, w/LEDIDC5(G)DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-INXSIDC24 - ac input, 24V, 24V logic, w/LEDIDC24DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-INYSIDC15 - ac input, 24V, 15V logic, w/LEDIDC15DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-IT5Sdc input,fast,24V,5V logic,G s-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-ITXSdc input,fast,24V,24V logic,G-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-ITYSdc input,fast,24V,15V logic,G-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OA5SOAC5 - ac output, 120V, 5V logic, w/LED + FuseOAC5DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OAXSOAC24 - ac output, 120V, 24V logic, w/LED + FuseOAC24DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OAXS-S3ac output,120V,24V logic,w/MOV -DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OAYSOAC15 - ac output, 120V, 15V logic, w/LED + FuseOAC15DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OAXSCac output,120V,N/C,5V log,fuse-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OAXSC-S1ac output,120V,N/C,24V,top label,fused-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OB5SODC5 - dc output, 60V, 5V logic, w/LED + FuseODC5DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OBXSODC24 - dc output, 60V, 24V logic, w/LED + FuseODC24DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OBXS-S4dc out,3-60V,24Vlog,C1 cap change for valve applications-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OBXS11dc out,3-60V,24Vlog,low leakag-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OBYSDC15 - dc output, 60V, 15V logic, w/LED + FuseDC15DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OC5SODC5A - dc output, 200V, 5V logic, w/LED + FuseODC5ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OCXSODC24A - dc output, 200V, 24V logic, w/LED + FuseODC24ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OCYSODC15A - dc output, 200V, 15V logic, w/LED + FuseODC15ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OF5Sdc output FET, 5V logic, G Ser-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OL5SOAC5A - ac output, 240V, 5V logic, 1mA leak, w/LED + FuseOAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OL5S-NMACout,240V,5V,1mALeak,NoMOV-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OLXSac output,220V,24V log,lo leak-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OLYSac output,220V,15V log,lo leak-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OM5SOAC5A - ac output, 220V, 5V logic, w/LED + FuseOAC5ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OM5S-NMac output,220V,5V logic,NoMOV-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OM5SCOAC5A5 - ac output, 220V, 5V logic, NC contact, w/LED + FuseOAC5A5DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OM5SROAC5A11 - ac output, 220V, 5V logic, non-zero cross, w/LED + FuseOAC5A11DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OMXSOAC24A - ac output, 220V, 24V logic, w/LED + FuseOAC24ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OMXSCOutput module,220Vac,N/C,WRC4-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-OMYSOAC15A - ac output, 220V, 15V logic, w/LED + FuseOAC15ADatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-RC5SRelay Output,N/C,5V logic, G S-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-RCXSRelay Output,N/C,24V logic, G-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-RCYSRelay Output,N/C,15V logic, G-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-RO5SODC5R - relay output, NO contact, 5V logic, w/LED + FuseODC5RDatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-ROXSODC5R5 - relay output, NO contact, 24V logic, w/LED + FuseODC5R5DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-ROYSRelay Output,N/O,15V logic, G-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWIA5SSwitch Input Module,120Vac,HOA-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWIB5Sdc input,3-32V,5V logic,w/Switch,LED-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWOA5SSwitch Output Mod,120Vac,auto/-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWOAXSC-S3Switch Out,120Vac,auto/man,N/C-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWOAXS-S3Switch Out,120Vac,auto/man,24V-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWOB5SSwitch Out,24VDc,auto/man,5V logic-DatasheetBuy Now
WRC4-SWOL5S-NMSwiOut,120VacLL,NoMOV,5V logic-DatasheetBuy Now