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While the world shifts from the manufacture of petrochemical fuelled vehicles, the supply infrastructure for electrical versions is revving up – and a Canadian operated business is sitting in the driver’s seat.

ProEV, a spin-out from leading global electrical harness provider Electrical Components International (ECI), will open North America’s largest dedicated wire harness and engineering facility for commercial and industrial electric vehicles (EVs) in Montreal this summer.

Specializing in smart, connected and electrified solutions for anything that does not represent a passenger vehicle, ProEV has put its focus on becoming a one-stop-shop for full vehicle architecture concept of handling all the harnessing and electronics for EVs that encompass trucks of all classes, buses, recreational, agriculture equipment, mining vehicles.

“They are putting so much tech into these EVs that they more resemble the smartphone in your pocket, versus the vehicle they once represented,” enthused ProEV president Jarred Knecht. He refers to the increasing amount of sensors, connectivity, safety systems built in their design today.

After dipping a toe in the EV market seven years ago, ProEV noticed some discernable challenges facing both start-ups and established OEMs alike. It related specifically to high voltage cables, including a lack of supply and inflexibility of the product itself. This lead the firm to making its own wire and cable. It wasn’t long before ProEV began producing low-voltage harnesses, which parent ECI had 30-years of experience doing.

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