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At WRC our collective group of electronic systems designers, programmers, engineers and project managers working in collaboration with our clients is our greatest strength. Throughout your custom engineered product development our focus is to proactively manage the process using our six-phase stage gate design process communicating regularly though our professional project mangers and engineering team leaders.

Six-Phase Custom Development Process

WRC follows a tailorable six-phase stage gate process for all New Product Development (NPD) projects. During conceptualization we capture your requirements and define the product functionality, operating environmental conditions, system compatibility and performance specifications as well as manufacturability to assure production cost targets can be met. Depending on the complexity of the project, not all phases of the NPD process may be necessary.

1. Assess
Capture Requirements, Perform Feasibility Analysis
2. Design
Concepts, Project Proposal Specifications
3. Develop
Implement the Design in HW, FW & Mechanical
4. Validate
Prototype Build Functional Test Iterate/tweak the design
5. Verify
Pilot Build Environmental & Reliability test Certifications
6. Produce
Available for Shipment
1. Customer Requirements
2. Unit Forecast
3. Cost Analysis
4. Preliminary Functional Spec
5. Preliminary Quote/Proposal
1. Functional Spec
3. Test Requirements
4. Schedule & GANT
5. Final Quote/Proposal
6. Customer NRE PO
1. HW Design
2. FW Design
3. Simulations
4. Drawings
5. Eng BOM
6. PCB Gerbers
1. Deratings
2. FTP
3. Fuji File
4. SMT File
6. Pilot Unit PO
2. QTP
3. UL
4. CE
6. ECN
1. P-Pap
2. Prod Test
3. Manuals
4. Labels/Packing
5. Release ECO
6. SKU to Stock
1. Preliminary
2. Project Charter
3. Schedule
4. Weekly Schedule
5. ECN
6. CDV Sandbox
7. ECO
8. Close

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Custom Design Project Examples