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Custom Design Services

When commercial off-the-shelf products don’t completely address your requirements, WRC engineers will work with you to develop unique, cost-effective, quality solutions.

At WRC we are proud to be a leading provider of custom designed and manufactured electronic control solutions for both End Users and OEMs. Serving customers around the world, we supply economical electronic control and I/O solutions for PC-based Data Acquisition Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Distributed Control Systems, and other stand-alone control systems. We have a strong background in electronic control technologies, and we can help you conceptualize, innovate, design and build your products, systems or machines.

Customized Standard Products

Using WRC’s extensive product line and experience, we can often provide a modified version of an off-the-shelf product to fill custom design requirements.  Should you see a WRC product that you would like modified in some fashion, fill out the form below and one our design specialists will get back to you quickly to follow up. Click here to view our standard product lines 

WRC’s core product technologies and strengths:

  • Discrete I/O, SSRs and signal conditioners
  • Analog I/O and signal conditioners
  • Highly-distributed I/O systems
  • Network-based devices, including:
    • Industrial Ethernet
    • DeviceNet slave and gateway devices
    • Modbus™ I/O devices
    • Allen-Bradley Remote I/O protocol
  • Embedded intelligence in stand-alone or networked products
  • Custom panels and enclosure box builds

Examples of Custom Design Projects

WRC4-SWOAX Modules -
Product Type: Discrete I/O Module
Technology Used: I/O
Customer Type: Distributor and OEM
Market/Industry: Commercial OEM
Problem/Need: 120Vac output module with ON/OFF switch for manual operation of equipment.
WRC Solution: Developed new module to OEM specs
Customer Benefits: Cost-reduction, Distributor support, Reduces down time by allowing manual activation of controls, and No up-front cost.

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