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1781-Series Quad Modules are available in all of the field voltages as the 1781-Series of Slim Modules or the WRC4-Series of modules. They provide four I/O circuits in one package with an integral LED for each circuit.

Part Number Part TypeNominal Field VoltageNominal Logic VoltageIndustry ModelField Voltage RangeCurrent TypeAllowable Off-State Voltage (V) Action
1781 RO5Q Normally Open Relay N/A 5V ODC5RQ N/A AC/DC Add Quote
1781-IA5Q Input 120V 5V IAC5Q 90-140 V AC/DC 50 Add Quote
1781-IA5QE Input 24V 5V AC/DC Add Quote
1781-IB5Q Input 24V 5V 3.3-32 V DC 2 Add Quote
1781-IM5Q Input 240V 5V 180-280 V IAC5AQ DC 120 Add Quote
1781-IN5Q Input 24V 5V IDC5Q 10-60 V AC/DC 2 Add Quote
1781-IT5Q Input 24V 5V IDC5BQ 3.3-32 V DC 2 Add Quote
1781-OA5Q Output 120V 5V 12-140 V AC 240 Add Quote
1781-OB5Q Output 24V 5V ODC5Q 3-60 V DC 240 Add Quote
1781-OB5Q11 Output 24V 5V DC Add Quote
1781-OC5Q Output 200V 5V ODC5AQ 5-200 V DC 240 Add Quote
1781-OF5Q Output 50V 5V Add Quote
1781-OM5Q Output 120-240V 5V OAC5Q 24-280 V AC 240 Add Quote
1781-RC5Q Normally Closed Relay N/A 5V ODC5RCQ N/A AC/DC Add Quote

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