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Western Reserve Controls Joins Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI)

**** PRESS RELEASE ****   Western Reserve Controls Joins Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) Western Reserve Controls Inc., a leading automation electronics engineering and manufacturing firm joins the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI) to benefit from OAI’s collaborative member environment while expanding WRC’s capabilities, industry partnerships and accelerated product innovation.   Akron, OH, November 27th, 2017 – […]

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Sustaining Engineering Press Release

Western Reserve Controls Introduces New Sustaining Engineering Services   Automation electronics engineering and manufacturing firm, Western Reserve Controls, Inc., announces new Sustaining Engineering Services for manufacturers of electronic products. Akron, OH, October 1st, 2017 – (WRC) Western Reserve Controls, Inc, a provider of Automation Control Products plus Engineering Design and Manufacturing Services, today announced the […]

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Digital I/O Modules..Easier to find with de facto Industry Model Numbers

Our updated product list will now contain de facto industry standard model numbers to help our customers save time and money. All products are listed here.

WRC has many models (all made in the USA) in stock and ready to ship to you today. We have the biggest selection of I/O modules and our prices are typically 15% lower than industry standard.

The new model number addition was implemented to make it easier for our customers and distributors to find and order the modules they need.

–     –

Let us know your custom needs and our engineers will work with you through the entire process and consult your project before, during, and after.

Need I/O modules? WRC’s are:

  1. Competitively Priced (often lowest in industry)
  2. Have Proven Industrial Quality (made in USA)
  3. Easier to find and purchase using either
    • De facto Industry Model numbers, or
    • WRC / 1781 part number
  4. In Stock or with short lead times

WRC manufactures many other module types and mounting boards.

Made in the USA since 1991.

We will customize to suit your needs.

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WRC announces new product

W1492-OB-001 & W1492-OB-001-16 Interface Boards: Expanding the output capabilities of the Rockwell PLC Master/ Slave combination for 16 or 32 points 24VDC sourcing input Single point granularity Any combination of WRC4 output modules 3 amps per output point Solid State 24VDC to 250VAC Outputs Optional dry contact modules Optional on/off/PLC manual switch 4 kV isolation […]

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Brief History of Western Reserve Controls:

WRC had its 26th anniversary this September and continues to grow. From a 2000 square foot incubator in the beginning to its current 15,000 square foot plant in Akron, Ohio – we have expanded to accommodate increased production, higher demand, additional product lines, and more employees. Since WRC’s conception, our influence and capabilities have spread […]

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Social Media

WRC – Website and Online Presence Update December 2016 Western Reserve Controls would like to announce an update to our online presence! Our new website went live on December 21st 2016, which includes the following new features: Full Database of our product catalog with descriptions Integrated on-demand print and pdf creation functions Social Media integration […]

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