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When off-the-shelf products do not completely address your requirements, then WRC engineers can work with you, the OEM, to develop unique, cost-effective, quality solutions.

You are an OEM — and you have a need to get your simple device onto DeviceNet. There are lots of I/O products on the market. But you need to fit yours into a limited space—and your budget is tight.

Choosing the right module for your mounting boards is very important. WRC4 Series Discrete I/O expands WRC’s complete line of discrete I/O modules. These modules provide an indication LED and replaceable fuse.

WRC-CANX CAN Bus extenders extend CAN Bus networks such as DeviceNet, SDS, and OpenCAN Part B. CAN-based products limit cable length based upon network data rates, as well as limit the length of drops from T-Junctions.

Western Reserve Controls introduces W1492 Series Field Termination / Signal Conditioning Family for direct connection to Allen-Bradley PLCs and Logix Controllers Save money and lower installation costs using WRC’s signal conditioning solutions as a front-end to your Allen-Bradley SLC/PLC/Logix I/O.

The 1781-7B Series* is optimized for use in the process control industry. Features including redundant +24 V dc power, and 1500 V RMS isolation facilitate system design.

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